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really want to love and protect the new actresses but

why do u

Oh my gOD I see we’ve got another pearl in our collection

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But they’re talking about filming together in Hawaii, Anna.  :3

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everything is Misha with Danneel!!!!!! ;___;

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Fan to Jensen: First I just want to say I think you’re a really talented actor and a lot of people just see you and see how attractive you are and they think you’re just another pretty boy, but you’re a lot more than that and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future because you deserve a lot more recognition. 

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Shhhhh I know that. I want all of you to believe that I like cockles and that Jensen loves Misha. I know they hate each other and that the girl screaming “and an Angel” was Danneel paid from the CW. Ahahahh better? :-)

perfect, this makes much more sense!! ;)

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Wow that part of Jensen pointing in approval to the person who said “and an Angel” is amazing. Was really cute,honest and not forced.

but jossab, don’t you know that everything is pre-arranged by PR and staged? Jensen in reality hates Misha, hahahaha


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Anonymous: Does Misha know about Cockles, but Jensen does not?

Misha definitely knows, he’s made several references to “Cockles” & knows about the fandom & ship name.

I think Jensen is aware too that we ship him with Misha, but he’s probably not paying too much attention to it. He has enough worries with creepy J2 tinhats sitting in front of his house & checking online for the locations of his property in LA.

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Anonymous: I really don't want to come off. I meant use cockles to make me feel better. I realise that's very selfish of me haha, it's okay. You don't have to. Seriously. I'm fine. It's fine.

oh I now reread the previous message, i’m sorry, i didn’t get it at first!

Yes let’s talk Cockles!

They were so adorable at this comic con!

At Nerd HQ, when everyone kept interrupting Misha & screwing with him, Jensen was the only one who kept listening to him, with that encouraging look on his face.



and at the main panel, when Jared was talking about the show being about 2 brothers, someone in the audience added “and an angel”, and Jensen nodded and pointed at them <3


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# i think she has a really calming effect on him
# i bet all of them together had some fun time ;)
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Another thing I noticed from the panel—when Jared says the show is about “two guys” and people in the audience yell “and an angel” or “three guys” I’m not sure what they say, Jensen smiles, nods, and points to them.  And then Jared grudgingly admits “and an angel” and then “yada-yadas” Mark.  If nothing else, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Jensen, while a huge bros-fan, is not actually a brosonly fan.  He likes the idea of an ensemble show, especially when it includes Cas.

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Anonymous: Is there a video for this: "["there’s been a lot of great moments over the last nine years" jensen says as he stares at misha]" ?


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what the SITC book said for those who wanted it (x) (x)

this is almost cuter than their dating profiles haha <3

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