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misguidedhunter67 replied to your post: “Hmmm, what’s up with all the Cockles shppers getting rude messages and…”:
the funniest thing for me is that J2 have been and are together for the last 10 years and spend their time together almost 24/7 and it never made their ship real, why must the same neighbourhood make it real is beyond my understanding?

ahaha :’D i mean it’s spn_gossip logic, what do you expect?
I only worry because they’ve started infesting our tumblr inboxes with their creepy insanity.

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Hmmm, what’s up with all the Cockles shppers getting rude messages and J2 fans screaming how Jensen now lives in the same neighbourhood and Jared and J2 IZ REALL.

Yet I didn’t get any.

I think I successfully blocked all of the tinhat trolls, wow!

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How do Dan and Phil argue who is going to get the door in the morning if they are in two separate beds
To sender: Good thought;)


How do Dan and Phil argue who is going to get the door in the morning if they are in two separate beds

To sender:
Good thought;)


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boys…i have a hint 4 u: black skinny jeans

and stubble

and glasses

And plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves


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Captain America Stars Discuss Why The Ladies Should See The Film
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Anonymous: Maybe you could set up a donate link in your sidebar? So that way people who might want to help you out can send a few dollars? Like maybe they can't afford a commission but they could send you 1$ or 5$ to help out?


There you go! I finally was able to make one!

On top where are all the links, you can find one named : Donate!

Thank you very very kindly for the suggestion!

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Cinensis’s commissions info!

My commissions slots are open again! I have a big convention coming up where I have to sell stuff there , thus I need money in order to get prints of those! If after the convention there is posters left, I will give those freely!

Be warned that this batch of commissions will be started after September 16th due to Convention preparations and medical appointments!

Here are the slots available!

Pen doodles : 2 slots available




Lineart : 2 slots available



digital illustrations : 1 slot available



Realism : 1 slots available!



Extras : ~ ask! I’ll be happy to tell you if there’s places for your special project!

Thank you kindly for every purchase ! If you have any question, my askbox is open!

hiya followers! Could you please help Mari by signal boosting this? It would mean a lot as she is not in the best position financially right now! Her art is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen!

Please reblog <3

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*Cockles feels*

I know they are finding a way for Cas to come back, so that’s uhh…. that’s encouraging.



But it’s tough, especially when you build a relationship not only as a character with another character, but also, you know, as an actor with another actor.

not fair Dora, you’re bringing back feels I’ve gotten over with and now I’m here, a sobbing mess once again!! ;_;

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is this by some chance related to this guy, hmm? :))))
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Supernatural has made it to a landmark tenth season, and will hit 200 episodes shortly after the season 10 premiere!

It wouldn’t have reached this magic milestone without the hard work put in by all three of the show’s stars, Jensen, Misha, and Jared (and also by the wonderful Mark Sheppard in recent seasons!). All four actors have brought the characters we love to life, and we’d like to thank all four of them with an inclusive tribute honoring their dedication over the years.

We’re planning gift baskets for all four Supernatural stars, and also professionally bound books containing your messages of love and appreciation for all they’ve done and continue to do to keep us invested in their characters.

You can read more about how to take part in and donate to the project at our Go Fund Me page, and follow us on Twitter at @SPNS10Gift. You can tweet us your messages for the tribute books, or email them to us at spn10gift@gmail.com.

We believe that Supernatural is more than just “SamnDean,” and “JarednJensen.” Supernatural wouldn’t be where it is without the amazing acting talent of Jensen and Jared – but it also wouldn’t be where it is without the talent and dedication of Misha and Mark, each of whom brings in his own fans to the show. We believe that an inclusive campaign and a thoughtful gift basket tailored to each of the four stars is a fantastic way to let the fandom show their support!

Please help us show the love and support by reblogging this post and donating if you can…

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That’s five documented times that Chris Evans grabbed Sebastian Stan’s left (and one time right) boob.

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"hail stucky"?!


"hail stucky"?!

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