I figured this would be useful for all the newcomers in Cockles fandom!

So here we go!

Jus In Bello convention, is a Supernatural convention that takes place in Rome, Italy, since 2010. So far, we had 3 JIBcons, this weekend, the fourth one happened, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover from it.

 Why are the JIBcons Cockles mecca? Well basically, because this is THE ONE AND ONLY CON with a Cockles panel, not even the Americans have it. So people from all over the world travel to this beautiful city that is Rome, and many of them recieve revelations like this there:





pretty intense, huh?? :D

So let’s go in order:

JIBcon 2010 - the con was happening from May 2- May 4, which is after 5x18 aired.

There were no joined Jensen/Misha panels. However, Misha crashed Jared/Jensen panel. Video 

A fan asks a question about Dean and Cas and their personal space. Jensen answers “That’s just Misha. He’s just weird. He doesn’t have any idea of personal space, so a lot of times you’ll see me doing this (leaning away)” At this point, Jared comes to rescue and says Misha is acting awkward, because he’s an angel :)

Next question, about what they like & dislike in their characters. Misha was apparently listening, because he interrupts. When Jensen hears him talking, that’s his reaction:

Then, Misha is all quiet for a while, and when people bring on jared’s height, Misha jumps in (also, pay attention to Jensen’s smile when he hears him again, ughh): Misha: “I feel like I’m a normal proportionate human being, but next to you, I feel like a midget.” Jensen interrupts: “Smaller in some areas.” video

A bit later, at 4:20, a fan says: “Ask Misha about his underwear.” And Jared does, but then he’s like “No, no no, we don’t want that.” And Jensen says something like “Talking about a spoiler alert.”? And right after that, he goes “Wheeww”

It’s embarrassing, really! :D

… And to that, Misha says: “I like watching you now, you looks so nervous.”


Then Misha came on stage, Jensen was very enthusiastic about that! (look at him gesturing to Misha to come on stage) video Misha hugged Jared (and you can see some jealous!Jensen). 

 He leant into jensen, invading his personal space:


Then, there was this auction: (video)

 Well, he can’t shut that down, you know! ;)

At the closing ceremony, when the actors greeted to the fans, Misha decided he’ll speak in Italian. Except, it was not italian, but just some words that sounded italian. You can watch the video here.

You can see Jensen’s reaction here and on this gif:


JIBcon 2011, that went on from April 8-10. This was after episode 6x16 aired.

I don’t know the exact order of the panels, but we had:


Misha solo panel, that was followed immediately by Jensen’s solo panel so we had Jensen crashing.

Jared/Jensen panel where Misha crashed.


Sebastian & Misha panel, where Jensen crashed again, because he had panel afterwards.

And of course, the panel of all panels Jensen/Misha panel, that was the last panel of them all and closed the con.

 We also had opening & closing ceremonies, where the two acted especially gross.

 Let’s take a look:

 Saturday opening ceremony:

All the con guests, including Jared and jensen, came to say hello to the crowd. There was a gift bag given to them, in which there were plushies, stuffed animals, that they were throwing to the crowd. (video  After that, they had to draw a winner for something, and Misha & Jensen were together all the time, ignoring the surrounding… (video:


Jensen crashing Misha’s Saturday panel:

Jensen sneaks behind Misha and starts pouring himself water, Misha notices him, and that’s when things get awkward! Video:

They are trying so hard to act like two normal people, but fail! First, Jensen hugs Misha (look at that squeeze on the shoulder, aww)

Misha is sweating, and acting very strange overall. When he leaves, Jensen says “He’s so cute, isn’t he? He’s like one of those little teddy bears, you just wanna stuff him in your pocket and take him home with you!”

Later, Misha returns on the stage, and sneaks behind Jensen’s back. Jensen doesn’t even have to look back to know it’s his angel stading behind him:

 Misha crashing J2 panel

This is the infamous indiarussia question, have a look at it yourself!


Jensen crashes Sebastian & Misha’s panel

Jensen crashes the panel with asking Misha (in a funny accent): “What do you like to listen to, when you go to sleep at night.” And Misha says “I’m sorry, your accent’s a little thick. Who do I like to sleep with.” Jensen tries to continue, but he gives up. He goes up on the stage, and Misha ends up stroking his back in an extremly intimate way!

Later, when he was on stage, Sebastian is trying to tell something to Jensen, while Misha is talking, and Jensen just keeps his whole attention on Misha :)


Jensen and Misha Sunday Panel

That was one crazy panel! (full panel:

Things they did:


Misha faking an orgasm

Wearing matching bracelets



The rhino:


Grabbing their thighs:

And a whole lot of other things. seriously, watch the whole panel :D

JIBcon3, that was going on from April 27-29th 2012, when episode 7x20 aired.

Aaand, that’s the part when I stopped, because I can’t handle the feels coming from JIB4, hope you can understand me. For all additional info on JIBcons, and any other cons, here’s a very VERY useful page, with all the panels, pics, reports, everything! :)

I’ll leave you with some fresh cockles from JIB4:



image image

I know, what the actual fuck, right? I hope you understand why this post derailed so badly! :D

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